• Representing its members in various platforms including political institutions at Provincial National and municipal levels,
  • Informing its Members on the latest policy legislative and regulatory developments,
  • Lobbying key decision-makers on appropriate policies to develop a sustainable independent power production market,
  • Mobilising the independent power production sector via working groups, seminars and workshops to define clear positions on political, technical and economic issues,
  • Promoting all power technologies irrespective of type
  • Organising breakfasts, seminars, conferences where topical issues on independent power production are discussed
GENERALLY: SAIPPA seeks to promote the collective interests of Independent Power Producers in South Africa, to assist with public policy formation and implementation, and to serve as a platform for information dissemination to its members.

Latest Uploads:

The following documents have been uploaded into the Information Store in the Regulation Grid Codes sub-folder:

•    Draft NRS 069:  Guidelines for distribution connection charges for loads;

•    Distribution Tariff Code; and

•    SA Distribution Code - Version 6 Glossary and Definitions


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