The goals of the Independent Power Producers Association of South Africa are to promote the collective interests of IPPs in South Africa, to assist with public policy formation and implementation, and to serve as a platform for information dissemination to its members.

SAIPPA was established in 2009 due to the uncertainty of perceived imminent changes in the Electricity Supply Industry.

We seek to proactively engage with legislators, government officials, planners and regulators as part of our initiatives to achieve energy security in South Africa, as well as Southern Africa.

Furthermore, SAIPPA is an association which was established to assist, guide and empower independent power producers to obtain access to the national power grid in order to assist South Africa with the enormous task of ensuring a continuous power supply to maintain the wheels of industry and to ensure economic wellbeing and job creation in South Africa.

SAIPPA believes that any changes contemplated by Government, and other role players in the Electricity Supply Industry, must seek to achieve, inter alia, the following key objectives:

•  An enabling environment for IPP’s to realise generation of electricity in keeping with current policy of providing 30% of national power,

•  The establishment of open access to the grid of IPP’s,

•  The creation of enabling legislation and regulatory to facilitate competitive independent power generation as well as related aspects.

SAIPPA is committed to playing a meaningful role in all electricity supply industry developments and has established its credibility as a constructive facilitator of independent power production with the Department of Energy, the National Electricity Regulator and with Eskom.

SAIPPA has submitted formal comments on the National Integrated

Resource Plan, the Electricity Regulation Act, and on all relevant legislation since its inauguration.

SAIPPA has also played a role in the War Room Process on the electricity crisis.

This includes making submissions on various aspects of the mitigation process. Members of SAIPPA have also made submissions to the RFI for technologies on electricity generation that was issued by government during December 2014.

SAIPPA has run a few breakfast sessions to empower members about topical issues that are of interest to the IPP community.

The IPPs and Companies participating in the association promote the interests of independent power producers in Southern Africa, with due regard for the prescripts and limitations imposed by the Competition Act.

The Management Committee meets on a six weekly basis in Johannesburg and the agenda covers current pertinent issues affecting independent power producers.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the secretariat to keep members informed and to encourage members to contribute to task teams or comment on submissions to the government and other stakeholders.

SAIPPA represents a broad range of IPPs and is not focused on specific technology types. We work closely with other industry associations such as SAREC, SAWEA, SAPVIA, SASTELA, PAMSA, the EIUG, SASA and others.

Many of the renewable energy technologies are represented by the above mentioned industry associations. Therefore, while we do work with these associations,

SAIPPA currently focuses more closely on thermal, cogeneration, waste to energy and related industry sectors.

With your participation the association shall promote the industry interests of independent power producers in Southern Africa, and facilitate the attainment of the contributing 30% of electricity generation with due regard for the prescripts and limitations imposed by the Competition Act.