SAIPPA & IPSA Group PLC announce Keynote topics for the 2015 SSA Power Summit

Hosted by Vale Media Group, the Sub Saharan Africa Oil, Gas, Power and Mining B2B events company.

Vale Media Group are pleased to announce that Sisa Njikelana, the Chair of SAIPPA will be hosting a Keynote Workshop at the SSA Power Summit on ‘INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCTION FOR SUBā€SAHARAN AFRICA’ . The presentation will look at how we can offer a ‘Conducive environment for independent power production to electricity challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa’ and will offer a unique insight into what challenges lay ahead and how these problems can be resolved. For instance Africa currently needs $40Billion USD of annual investment to meet its power needs but currently is only attracting $4.6Billion USD, so the session will be looking at how the African Union Commission, NEPAD and African Development Bank must intensify foreign direct investment in addition to intra-African investment.
Mr Mark Otto, the acting CEO from IPSA Group PLC announced today that he will be running a Keynote Workshop Presentation at the event which will be covering the 'key guidelines for gas to power projects in the region and the lessons learnt' that now place IPSA Group PLC in the right position to grow into a truly South African Independent Power Producer. Matthew Hewitson, Vale Media Group's President added ‘with gas reserves growing in the region, there needs to be investment into gas solutions as it offers a cleaner and more cost effective solution to traditional coal fired plants’   
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